11698644_10153122855407955_1231262508991941200_n October 05

Badass Bands Live-October Resident Band- The Crash Kings- Week 1

I wanted to give YOU all the gift of radical music during my birthday month, so we invited aggressive, piano-driven, dynamic rockers The mothafuckin’ Crash Kings to be our October resident band! Scope the first installment of their residency where they perform “You Keep Me Running” below! Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thanks to CK, Block of […]

cover170x170 October 01

BSing with Bands: Episode 6: Zachary Kibbee

This week on BSing with Bands, Jordan, Ryan and I chat with the radical Zachary Kibbee! We discuss songwriting, his love of the Eagles, and a few ways to make a living making music! Take a listen! Recorded at Block of Joy!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.45 PM September 28


  Sifting through the Noise: This Week’s Guaranteed Badassery Monday: Nacosta @ The Continental Room-Fullerton. 9pm. FREE. Tuesday: The Zmed Bros w/ The Deltaz @ Cinema Bar-Culver City. 9pm. FREE. Wednesday: The Get Down Boys at Finn McCool’s-Santa Monica. 8:30pm. FREE. Saturday: No Small Children @ El Cid. 9pm. $7 King Washington is on a […]

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.46.22 AM September 28

BBB Live- September Resident Band-The Diamond Light-Week 4 Interview

All month long we’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ to The Diamond Light, and now its time to sit down with the gents and get to know ’em a little better! Watch the interview to find out what Jack Kerouac has to do with their name, how long they’ve been playing together, why they aren’t huge […]

12059457_10100104746928233_585426425_o September 25

Expert Fan Profile: Alexander Frost

Photo Credit: Preston Thalindroma- Say Cheese and Die I’d  like to think that eventually the Expert Fans will all gravitate to each other and to the most badass of bands, but until then I want to introduce you to another one, Alexander Frost. I met Alex via another Expert Fan, Ryan Romenesko, as well as […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.45 PM September 22


Sifting through the Noise: This Week’s Guaranteed Badassery Friday: Block of Joy Launch Party w/ The Absolute, The Zmed Bros and Ainjel Emme @ Hotel Café. 9pm. The Shakers @ The Roxy. 8pm. $15. Saturday: WASI @ Storeetellers Release Party. Private Residence, Silverlake. 7:30pm. $5. Fakers & Beach Party @ Blind Blind Tiger’s Anniversary Party. […]

2015-07-11 12.20.09 September 21

BBB Live-September Resident Band-The Diamond Light-Week 3

The Diamond Light has wowed us all September long and they are taking you on one last trip to Rip City, USA with this week’s fuzzed out, screamin’ guitar filled track “Heavy Metal Chem Trails”. Turn this one up, WAY up. Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thanks to TDL, Block of Joy, Riot at the Zoo and […]

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.41.42 AM September 18

BSing with Bands: Episode 5: Knitting Factory Management

This week Jordan, Ryan and Jo bullshit with a couple of our favorite managers in the biz from Knitting Factory Management, Bruce Duff and Jessica Amezcua! These two came into the studio and offered up a plethora of information based on their extensive experience in the music industry. Bruce has done it all: Publicist, Management, […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.45 PM September 14


Sifting through the Noise: This Week’s Guaranteed Badassery Monday: Will and the Won’ts @ Silverlake Lounge. 9:30pm. FREE. The New Electric Sound @ The Echo. 11pm. FREE. The Diamond Light @ Harvard & Stone. 10pm. FREE. Tuesday: Members of The Crazy Brave, Mars and the Massacre and PLaNETS perform a tribute to PINK FLOYD: WISH […]

2015-07-11 12.20.09 September 14

BBB Live-September Resident Band- The Diamond Light- Week 2

We’ve got another doozy of a tune for you from our BBB Live September resident band, The Diamond Light! This slow burner will get you right in that muscle in the center of your chest once the chorus hits, so be ready. Press play to watch the gents perform “Fever Dream”! Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.45 PM September 08


Sifting Through the Noise: This Week’s Guaranteed Badassery Tuesday: Burning Jet Black w/ The Deltaz at Cinema Bar. Culver City. FREE. Thursday: The Active Set at The Study. Hollywood. $6. Doors @ 8pm. Friday: Man Man at The Echoplex. Echo Park. $17-$19. 9pm. Saturday: Black Crystal Wolf Kids are throwing a party! Ft. them, The […]

2015-07-11 12.20.09 September 07

BBB Live-September Resident Band-The Diamond Light-Week 1

We’re rolling into September with a BBB Live resident band that exudes a ridiculous amount of raw, soulful power. This is a band that will grab you by the front of your shirt, pull you in, get right in your face, and at this point, instead of pushing them away, you’ll be compelled to pull […]

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.56.47 AM September 03

Bsing with Bands: Episode 4: Dayle Gloria (Talent Buyer/Promoter Extraordinaire)

Episode 4: We were absolutely thrilled to have Dayle Gloria, Talent Buyer/Promoter Extraordinaire, in to discuss bands, the business, the Sunset Strip glory days and why you need to get off of your ass and do the legwork if you want to succeed! Dayle shares some excellent stories and invaluable advice. Recorded at Block of Joy!

10869392_867641129953835_7645858225606510596_o August 31

BBB Live-August Resident Band-The Knitts-Week 4 Interview

Alright y’all, this week we get cozy and sit down with The Knitts! Jo talks to the guys about growing up together, head lice, what they would change about the music industry, full frontal male nudity, and the boys each take a turn answering random questions from the wheel (You’ll find out who really loves […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.45 PM August 31


Los Angeles: Monday: Fakers Final Residency night at The Echo, FREE. 9pm The Shakers at Lucky Strike Hollywood, FREE. 9pm Tuesday: The Get Down Boys at Angel City Brewery, FREE. Thursday: Will and the Won’ts residency at The Craftsman, Santa Monica. FREE. 10pm Bones Muhroni at Hotel Cafe, Hollywood. 8pm. Friday: The Crazy Brave at […]

10869392_867641129953835_7645858225606510596_o August 24

BBB Live-August Resident Band-The Knitts- Episode 3

This week The Knitts​ take you on a rad musical journey into their softer side. “Simple Folk” serves up sweet harmonies, a touch of acoustic lushness, and tempo changes that will keep your ADD satisfied in the best possible way, all while keeping just enough of that knitty gritty edge! Sponsored By: Silverlake Lounge Thank […]

11046913_762738040501091_1341067654142802533_o August 20

BSing with Bands: Episode 3: The Echo & The Sound

Episode 3: We BS with Brian Rich from The Echo & The Sound about talking dirty in a professional setting (strip clubs), backhanded compliments, how important it is to have a strong resolve as a band member, the hardships of being to be a duo versus a 3/4/5 piece, and why their new EP is called […]

10869392_867641129953835_7645858225606510596_o August 17

BBB Live-August Resident Band-The Knitts-Episode 2

“Vamanos Mexico!” Okay, maybe not for real, but our August BBB Live resident band, The Knitts, may wanna take you…only way to find out is by watching them perform this snap worthy, rockin’ track below! Thanks to The Knitts, KFM, Block of Joy, Scientist Sound Labs, and Riot at the Zoo!

10869392_867641129953835_7645858225606510596_o August 10

BBB Live-August Resident Band-The Knitts-Episode 1

August brings the garage rock, badass hooligans, The Knitts, as our BBB Live resident band! Their own description is too perfect not to post as an introduction, “The Knitts, they’re not on the grid, don’t play to click tracks, don’t know how to work a sampler or program a drum machine. They don’t growl or scream, […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.53.28 AM August 06

BSing with Bands: Episode 2: Austin Antoine

In episode 2 we BS with a BADASS rapper, Mr. Austin Antoine. We talk persona, pancakes, West Coast vs. East Coast rap and he does a sick freestyle for us! Listen below! Recorded at Block of Joy!

10931244_788514211221243_5485188972952071989_n July 30

Badass Band 111- Rainbow Jackson

Photo Credit: Ben Watson Aggressive live show? Check. Killer tunes? Check. Badass? Most definitely. Time to meet another badass band, LA’s Rainbow Jackson. I first saw Rainbow Jackson a couple years back, and have since seen them more than a few times. Every single time they finish a set all I can think is, “HOLY […]

11050737_10153050373622211_4636528472315525265_o July 27

BBB Live-July Resident Band-Light FM-Interview

Alas, we come again to a final residency week, this time with our July resident band, Light FM. This week you get to know Josiah, Nicki and Alexa! Watch the interview below to find out when/why they each started playing music, the differences between music scenes in Chicago and LA, and why Alexa got burned […]

10532340_1551394171766325_3351443230990600217_n July 23

BSing with Bands: Episode 1: fakers

Turns out you all want to actually hear our conversations with bands, absolutely untamed and uncut, so we decided to indulge you. Now you can listen to our throat gurgles, burps, and all the killer conversation we have with local bands! For episode 1, we invited LA based band, fakers, down to the studio to […]

11050737_10153050373622211_4636528472315525265_o July 20

BBB Live-July Resident Band-Light FM Week 3

So comes our final track with BBB Live July resident band, Light FM, in all its synth-y pop rock goodness! Let their anthemic track, “Pointless”, take you on a journey through personal realization. Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thanks to Light FM, Riot at the Zoo, Block of Joy and Scientist Sound Labs!

11050737_10153050373622211_4636528472315525265_o July 13

BBB Live- July Resident Band- Light FM Week 2

We’re cruisin’ on into week 2 with our July BBB Live resident band, Light FM! Get heavy with the trio this week on the topic of lost love with their track “The Reservoir”. Sometimes the love you give isn’t enough… Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thanks to Light FM, Scientist Sound Labs, Block of Joy, and […]

11050737_10153050373622211_4636528472315525265_o July 06

BBB Live- July Resident Band- Light FM Week 1

Hear Hear! New month, new band! Two girls, one dude and a whole hell of a lot of radness comes from our BBB Live July resident band, Light FM. Click below to watch the nu gaze trio perform “Your Loss” and that’s exactly what it will be if you don’t click… Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! […]

IMG_7109 July 01

Expert Fan Profile- Joy Regen

Ready to meet another person you’d be lucky to have in your arsenal of fans? Our newest Expert Fan has quite an eclectic taste and her love of music is absolutely infectious. Meet the lovely Joy Regen. I met Joy via another Expert Fan, Trina Green. Yes, I like to think that us Expert Fans […]

10498338_10152137038660588_4058563560811164970_o June 22

BBB Live- June Resident Band- The Active Set- Interview

Wow, we are already at week 4 with June BBB Live resident band, The Active Set! As per usual, this is the week that you get to know the boys behind the tunes! So, press play below to watch the gents play a round of Cards Against Humanity, discuss their new(ish) lineup, and the Lights EP. Sponsored by […]

10498338_10152137038660588_4058563560811164970_o June 15

BBB Live- June Resident Band- The Active Set- Week 3

We aren’t ready to “Say Goodbye” to our June BBB Live resident band, The Active Set, just yet! Sooooo here’s one last track from the boys and its a brand spanking NEW one at that! Press play to scope this catchy, yet heartbreaking tune. Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to TAS, Block of Joy, Scientist […]

12079_574008889331401_1522930367_n June 10

Badass Band 110- Folk Riot

This band snuck up on me, as well as the rest of the crowd that stayed late to see them at The Satellite back in April. They’re one of those bands that reel you in quickly and drag you along on a beautiful musical journey. Badass Band 110 is Folk Riot. They’re exactly what their […]


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