Badass Band #1

Photo Credit- John Coslett

After much deliberation the first featured band is called Mechanical People. They are in indie band based out of NY/LA and composed of three members, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, and Jake Miller. These guys have an intense sound and INSANE talent. I would call their music bluesey soul rock n roll. Their debut EP, The Dark Dark, was released on May 12, 2011 and features eight songs: Sick and Wired, Secrets, Magnolia, Skyscraper, Sinners Dream, Dinosaur, Monster, and Alleycats. The song subjects range from love, to sinning, to life in general. There is a song for any type of person on this album, they are catchy, and mesmorizing. Some will make you laugh with lines like, “You got away, You got away, You got away from my little arms…’I’m a motherf**king giant T-rex dinosaur…” and others more serious with lines like “Preacher, Preacher, can’t you find a way to make me clean? And he said I’m sorry son, that’s just a sinners dream.”  Not only will your ears and soul be pleased to listen to this album, but watching these guys live is a whole different experience. The raw talent of these three will amaze you. They are energetic, interact well with the crowd, and you can honestly tell how much they truly love playing music. Jake Miller wails away on guitar, at one point laying down on the stage while playing. Watching this guy on guitar is entracing. Ben Johnson bangs away at the drums in perfect feverish rhythm with a look of concentration, yet pure contentment on his face. Ben Graupner roars into the mic with his rough, yet buttery sounding voice while plugging away on bass. Their energy and love speads into the crowd and makes their live show addicting. The experience and their music engulfs your soul and once its over you feel like you have truly gotten to experience something special. Currently they are not on tour (the members that make up MP are also in other bands that are touring, namely 100 Monkeys and The Kissing Club) but I hear that there may be plans to tour in the fall so look out for these guys, and you won’t be sorry!
Check out their website/twitter: & @Mknkppl


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