Badass Band #2

Badass Band #2- Helicopters

For badass band number two I have chosen a Chicago based band called Helicopters. They are a mixed genre of Electronic Pop Funk. Helicopters is composed of three members Jason Caldeira, Brian Fifield and Dave Moran. These guys keep it entirely organic and are in control of the whole artistic process when it comes to their music. They started their own record label called FlyCasual Records.  I was highly impressed with the body of work these guys have out there, seven albums in total, the earliest of which was released in 2005. Their newest album is titled ‘The Honey and the Hiss’ and features 10 songs: True to my Words, Sugar, Heart, Jpns_pls,  Not Enough, Enough,  Sleep Good Sleep Well, Patron Saint of Paranoia,  Brianna, 11:11.

Now let me take a minute to be honest here, I have only known about this band for a few weeks, through recommendation, and I am not always a huge fan of anything labelled Electronic or Techno. HOWEVER, Helicopters  won me over by the time I reached the third song, Heart, on ‘The Honey and the Hiss’. They have a killer balance of electronic sound production so their music does not come off as one contant pulsing beat as many bands in this category tend to. Their electronic beats are fresh, varied and complement the vocals so, so well. Their lyrics and vocals wash over you like a warm summer rain. Their songs have a tendency to relax you and make you think at the same time, losing you in a moment. Music is all about being lost in a moment and these guys truly have a grasp at how to get that feeling across to a listener. After listening to ‘The Honey and the Hiss’ and ‘Not Diamonds but Diamonds’, I wondered to myself how I had not known of this band before and hated myself a bit for only now discovering what the experience of listening to GOOD electronic music can really be like. Take a chance on Helicopters, you will be pleasantly surprised no matter what genre you may be into.  

You can listen to ALL of their songs from ALL of their albums, in full on their website:  or follow them on Twitter: @helicoptersband


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