Badass Band #5

#5 has been awarded to a band called Toy Bombs in honor of me getting to experience them bring the house down at their home-base venue last night.  I have had the opportunity to see this band a few times and they put on a damn fine show, even stealing the show from and outdoing some of the larger bands they have opened for. Toy Bombs was formerly known as Kid Theodore and is comprised of two main band members, Cole Barnson and Brandon McBride, as well as a couple of mysterious masked band members lovingly dubbed Sasha and Rocko. The boys hail from Utah, but are currently based in Los Angeles. Their songs are a mixed bag reminiscent of The Clash, Tom Petty, and maybe even a tad like The Killers. They are just a badass rock band, no bones about it.

As for their live show, they take the stage in their usual ‘uniform’ of collared shirts, blazers, and ties and that starts the mind working on what these guys have in store for you. Then they start playing, and you cannot NOT flail around and bob your head to their music. They play with a passionate intensity, wailing away on their instruments and giving it all they’ve got belting out the lyrics. There is hardly a break between songs, maybe a quick hey and thank you to the audience or giving a song title.  They just go balls out, and it shows. Last night was extra special, they ended the night by calling all of the bands up to the stage area and having a raging jam session covering Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’. The place turned into a giant dance party, the energy was electric! Everyone left the show on a high note, which in my opinion, is how all shows should end.

I have yet to find I song of theirs that I do not like, and even more so once I saw them play live. Their songs are fun, motivating, and intellectually stimulating. Their current albums can be found and purchased on their website or on Itunes. I suggest you get all you can from these dudes, they are working on plenty more. Their newest album was released in February through Flat Top Records and is called ‘Will Work for Free’. It has four songs on it : Prairie Eye, Free, We’re All Just Little Children and Fall Down. Their older album (and by older I mean released last year), titled ‘Feed The Wolves’, also contains four songs: Feed The Wolves, Wrecking Ball, Geronimo, and Wooden Ships. Download it, love it, go check ‘em out, it’s more than worth it!

Website:   Twitter: @ToyBombs    Facebook:


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