Badass Band # 6

Badass Band #6

Numero 6 goes to………..drumroll please….Love In Stockholm! I have been a fan of this band only a couple of months, but their songs make it into VERY regular rotation on my playlists. LIS is an Allston, MA based band that I hear has been tearing up the New England music scene for a few years now. They are self-proclaimed as ‘Rock N Soul’ and their music definitely supports that title, there is really no other way to describe it. I am not even sure I can tell you who they may sound like, I just know that all of their songs make you want to move! Each song builds from slow funky verses, to a fast paced chorus paired with a collection of horns, drums, guitar, keys, harmonica, and smooth lyrical power. They are just damn fun to listen to, period. It’s the kind of music that penetrates your bones and makes your forget your worries for a while.

LIS is comprised of six members- Charlie Rockwell – Vocals/harmonica, Brendan McBrien- Guitar/vocals, Dave Carroll – Saxophones, Evan Sanders – Keys/trumpet/vocals, Alex Staley- Bass, and Jesse Humphrey – Drums/vocals. These guys have put out two albums in the past few years, the older (and my personal favorite) Too Much Love EP was released in 2009, while the newer, A Kings Ransom, was released just last year. You can find both at or on Itunes.

I have yet to get the opportunity to see them live, I am crossing my fingers they make it out to the West Coast one of these days, but from what I have watched via Youtube, those of you who do get to see them live, get quite a treat! So if you are in the New England area, seriously, check this band out, they have a bunch of upcoming gigs, and I am sure your ears with thank you for it!

Website:               Facebook:

Twitter: @loveinstockholm


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