Badass Band #7

Badass Band #7

 I am so stoked to recommend the first UK band on BBB, and not only that but it is the first band I have featured that has a kick ass chick lead singer! The band is called The Riot Tapes and they hail from Dublin, Ireland but are based out of both London and Dublin. They are tearing it up in the UK, and I hope they gain some killer exposure over here, lord knows we needs some fresh sounds on this side of the pond. If you want a highly diverse sounding band, this is a band you want to check out. The band is comprised of: Elaine Doyle, Tim Clarke, Chris O’Brien, Robert Crosbie, Graham Dunne, and Charles Byrne.

It takes a lot to win me over when it comes to female vocalists, I am not sure why but 80% of the time I am partial to male vocals. I guess that is just how I am wired. Nothing against my own sex, that is just my own personal preference. So when I checked out The Riot Tapes for the first time on their label’s site,, I was a little weary as to whether I was going to dig them or not. Well, here I am writing about them so I think you can guess they won me over and it took less than a full song. Elaine’s voice will haunt you in the best way possible. Their musical range from song to song is absolutely killer! The Riot Tapes first single ‘Photograph’ is what is currently readily available on Itunes, but on their facebook page you can listen to more of the band’s demos and they are all entirely unique. No two songs sound even remotely alike, which is an indicator to me of some awesome talent. Each song is so insanely well played/put together it makes it easy to get lost in their melodies and lyrics.  Within 10 seconds of putting on a Riot Tapes song you are swaying back and forth and dying to know the words to sing along.

Clearly, I have not seen them live, but via youtube, I can see they are all win. They sound just as good as their recorded tracks and clearly their stage presence is fun! The Riot Tapes seem to live up to the Riot portion of their name and one day I WILL see them live.  

Web: (I must plug here that all of the artists on the Mostar site are TOTALLY worth checking out, killer stuff!)


Twitter: @TheRiotTapes


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