Badass Band 25

            WOW,  this is Badass Band TWENTY FIVE. I made sure this milestone would be an extra special feature! Badass Band 25 is a hodgepodge of everything that you can possibly think of that you dig in music both lyrically and tunes-wise. Their lyrics combine social commentary, wittiness, and insane depth all at once. They definitely don’t fit in any specific genre because their tunes encompass a wide variety reminiscent of many killer time periods in music- punk, psychedelic, 80’s new wave, rock n roll. They are a band that will make you bob your head and shake your ass but also intellectually stimulate you with the messages in their lyrics. The Active Set is the full experience really, there is no other way to describe them. You skip through their album and you will constantly be surprised by the difference from one track to the next. Their newest album, ‘11’ dropped on 11-11-11 and it is something that you can keep in your CD player and let it play over and over and not get sick of. Personally, some stand out songs are ‘Famous for Dying’, ‘Counting Out Your Life’, ‘It Multiples’, and ‘Valley Born’. Go listen, your life with be the better for it.

               I could go on and on about this band, however (for once) I am not going to talk about them much more, because The Active Set were kind enough to take time out of their rehearsal to talk to BBB for an HOUR, yeah you read that right, an HOUR. So I will let this extraordinarily talented band tell you about their music themselves! If you want to see them in action, THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 8th they will be playing at The Troubadour in LA (It will actually be my first time seeing their live show as well!), and look out for them on tour to and from SXSW!

Find The Active Set here:

Twitter: @theactiveset




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