Badass Band 27

                 This band is the definition of badass. I don’t know that I have seen a band that can work up a crowd as much as these guys do, especially in their home city of San Francisco. The Soft White Sixties should be your new favorite band.

               I was turned on to TSWS through my brother, who sometimes has good taste in music (I kid). I noticed a concert poster of theirs in his apartment, very cool and vintage looking and we were discussing my blog at the time. He told me that I should seriously check these guys out, and so here I am writing about them as a dedicated fan now. I have tried to come up with the words that describe TSWS’s music, and I keep coming  back to just great fucking rock n roll, with killer hooks and a powerful sound. Their song topics range from  human nature, relationships, to just having a good time.  The band is made of five epicly talented dudes: Octavio Genara, Joey Bustos, Ryan Noble, Aaron Eisenberg and Joshua Cook.  Their self-titled EP came out last year and the five songs on it are not nearly enough to satisfy the musical eargasm these guys will evoke from you. Luckily, the guys told BBB they are working on a full length album this year.

               A little over a month ago I went to my first TSWS show, and I was blown away.  One, the place (The Independent in SF) was PACKED, and it was NOT just for Howlin Rain who was headlining. Most of the audience knew exactly who TSWS were and though the boys say in the interview (which you can view above) that many people in SF are too stiff at shows, they clearly made the opposite happen. It was probably one of the best crowds I have ever been a part of. Two, these guys have killer stage presence, they just have a damn good time up there and it shows. Their energy radiates off that stage.

               Before  the show at The Independent, the gentlemen of TSWS were kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to BBB, so watch the video above to find out what their musical influences are, which band member would be Willy Wonka, and why they just want everyone to loosen the hell up.

TSWS just finished up a week at SXSW and are continuing to tour throughout the Mid-West/West, be sure to catch them in a town near you!

Find TSWS here:

Twitter: @thesoftwhite60s




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