Bands break up. It’s a part of music and of life. This can be a devastating thing for the members and is always a bummer to fans who fell in love with their music and hold specific attachments to the musicians that made up the band who played that music. However, sometimes from the ashes of one band, a new band rises, just as good as the last, just a little different. That is true for Badass Band 34, Pink Fuzzy Animals.

             I am not here to get into the logistics and rumor surrounding how this band came to be, because you know what? All that really matters is that they are a band, they make absolutely excellent music and they love doing it. I went into this interview to find out about a new band,  Pink Fuzzy Animals.  PFA is made up of Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, Mat Black and Rob Coonrod. As I have discussed previously regarding Ben Johnson and Ben Graupner, their talent is absolutely mind blowing. The obscure metaphors and poetic language that make up all of their tunes, make it apparent that these guys are true lyricists and storytellers. Each song paints a distinct picture to go along with its distinct sound. Their sound is just so expertly crafted you have to appreciate it. These guys reach into the depths of your soul, and take you on quite a musical journey.

            Last night was my first experience seeing PFA play and my first experience watching Mat Black and Rob Coonrod play at all. I was impressed to say the least. They are also highly talented, had fun (this is KEY all you musicians out there) and interacted well with the audience. The energy and love for their music that this band radiates spreads into the crowd and makes their live show a damn good time.

            I could go on and on here, but instead, the guys from PFA were kind enough to take a few minutes to do a video interview with BBB before their show at Dragonfly last night. Dig on how they met, what they are going to be cranking out this year,  and who grew up loving the Spice Girls. So watch, listen, and prepare to love Pink Fuzzy Animals.


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