Exclusive! NEW tunes from Badass Bands!

Tic Tic Boom- ‘The Sun Will Set’


Tic Tic Boom! NEW Single- ‘The Sun Will Set’- Feast your ears on this quirky, beat-filled,  fun new tune from Tic Tic Boom! You’ll be quick to find yourself singing along loudly!-


The Shakers-NEW Single- ‘Set My Sights’

They’ve done it again. The Shakers never let fans down when it comes to fast, heavy rhythms, and sweet, powerful vocals. This song is no exception. ‘Set My Sights’ boasts these along with a funkified metal edge. The lyrics are relatable, who hasn’t experienced setting their sights on someone? Or realizing new things about ourselves while surrendering to that person? The lyrics are serious and insightful, stating things like, “When I set my sights on you, I realize that I’m the one lost without a clue…” or “Where you been, Where you go, Where you are, If that ain’t taken them, well you’re braver than you seem…” The instrumentals fuel the seriousness of the song in an intense, perfectly crafted way. Long live The Shakers! Scope out the video below which features the FULL single and lyrics! Be sure to join them at The Viper Room on Saturday, October 20th for the single release party, their live shows are always a damn good time!


Other New Tunes to Scope:

Motel Drive- ‘My Sweet Annie’ –

These guys are the Kings of Rockabilly. This song is definitely a foundation in keeping up that title! They are fun, talented, and they know the recipe for a killer tune. Plus, who doesn’t love stand up bass?

Listen on their website: Motel Drive

Restaurnaut- ‘Friendcore-Applecore-Horseycore-Forevermore’

Probably the most unique ‘band’ on here, especially considering the band is made up of one talented guy. Nick’s newest release will keep your mind wandering and your ears happy.



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