The Active Set releases a video for ‘Making Out (Is The Best Part Of Christmas)’!


Check out Badass Band The Active Set’s new music video for their Christmas classic entitled, ‘Making Out (Is The Best Part Of Christmas)’!! The song itself is catchy and fun, and I dare you to try to get it out of your head once you’ve heard it. For me personally, this has got to be up there with The Lonely Island’s ‘Dick in A Box’.  It has the same serious but goofy feel to it. It is also not a typical Christmas song in the aspect that it doesn’t have that ‘sound’ that you only hear in traditional Christmas tunes which compels you to only want to hear them from November to January. This is a song I would easily listen to any day of the year. The video itself is hilarious and well made, following three couples and their very different ‘makeout adventures’. I won’t spoil it for you by chronicling the video, take a look for yourself.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the video, which was a cool experience for me, having not been privy to the process of being involved in a music video shoot before. I have to say, even if I had not been in it, I would have wanted to be on set. It’s a fascinating experience to watch the filmmakers work their magic on lighting, angles and direction for the band members and others involved. The band and directors were open to suggestions and were very much into to anything that would add to the humor of the video overall.  If you watch closely you will notice that not only did each band member get their own adventure, but they make cameos in some of the other scenes. They were also happily acting as crew for scenes they were not all a part of and everyone who was on set was excitedly watching each take to see what hilarity would come out of it. From being on set to watching the actual cut of the video you see here is a curious thing. There were so many versions of scenes to choose from and I loved seeing what they decided on. They chose well. This video flows more smoothly than many others I have seen. I will say though, there were a few takes I was hoping would make it in there!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy your new favorite Christmas song. Thank you to The Active Set for allowing me to be a part of it!


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