Badass Bands Blog’s Inaugural Show at Silverlake Lounge

I wanted to write something about our inaugural show at Silverlake Lounge this past Tuesday, and it’s hard for me to ‘toot my own horn’ because really all I did was put three bands that I love on a stage together. This turned out to create an energy that can only be described as AWESOME. All three bands (thatwasthen, The Absolute and The Janks) won over anyone in the room that wasn’t already a fan via their musical talent and insane energy.  They each really brought something extra to the table on Tuesday, whether it was a new song, new lighting elements, or new set order. You could feel the electricity fill the room. Because of this energy I feel like people were willing to stick around to check out all of the bands, and that is quite an accomplishment. For those who go to shows often, you know that many times people only come to see the band they want to see and then leave, luckily that did not seem to be the case on Tuesday.

My goal for the blog and these shows is to get people to know and love these bands. The fact that many people were coming up and asking me more about the bands, tells me that the show was successful.  For those whom think numbers equal success, we had somewhere around 100 people there on a Tuesday night.  I am still reeling about that fact. On top of that, there were other Badass Bands and future Badass Bands in the crowd, coming to support fellow musicians. The sense of community that filled Silverlake Lounge that night between audience members and musicians was phenomenal. I met so many wonderful, supportive people who enjoyed the show and offered to help with future shows. The gratitude I feel days later confirms to me that something good is coming out of this adventure- new music, new friendships, partnerships, etc. and I could not ask for more than that.

The first thank you goes to Mario from Silverlake Lounge who allowed me the opportunity to host this event. Secondly, thanks to Jordan from Riot at the Zoo Records for helping organizing the flow of the event and helping to get the word out. Thank you to everyone who played (including the work you did to promote!), came out to support the bands, offered help and generally just made it a damn good night.  I can’t wait to see you at future shows!

Above you see a few photos from the night, but check out the whole album over at our new Facebook page!!


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