Badass Band 66- Reid Saw A Ghost


We’re back after a short hiatus, with a band of young bucks from the SF Bay Area. Don’t let the fact that these dudes are young deter you; remember Badass Band Rat Trap? Youngins too, and thoroughly proven badasses. So here I sit with another garage band for you, they deem themselves ‘Xylophone Rock’. I would say they are xylophone rock mixed with punk influence and fun lyrics. Badass Band 66 is Reid Saw a Ghost.

It was all in the name with this one, I found these guys via twitter and had to know who Reid was, if he really saw a ghost and what a band with this name would even sound like. I was pleasantly surprised, and I have the answers to all of these questions. Reid is the drummer in this band; Yes, he saw/felt a ghost and this band sounds like Weezer and Foxy Shazam had a baby. Reid Saw a Ghost’s debut EP is called ‘Mad Scary’. The first song I listened to was ‘50’s Girl’, which boasts fast paced rhythms and fun lyrics like, ‘Hey girl I was wondering, would you let me take you back to my time machine? And she said stop well I don’t know what you mean, I’ve got to find love in this century…’. You can’t help but sing along and bounce around. I could easily see this band encouraging some rowdy crowds. Then next song I scoped out was ‘Esther Moser’ which leans more toward a 50’s variety show orchestral sound, which I was digging on hard. The lyrics even give nod to this sound mentioning, ‘My ears are ringing from boys on brass in the back of the room’. The climax in this song is killer, with lyrics stating, ‘Now I wanna see you motherfuckers dance, get your feet on the floor and don’t keep them there!’ followed by an instrumental beat breakdown and whiney (the right kind of whiney people- there is such a thing!) shouting of the chorus. There is also the track, ‘Wake Up Dead (Or Try Not To)’ a key heavy, major guitar riff tune with vocals reminiscent of old Fall Out Boy stuff (when they were decently good), but Reid Saw A Ghost doing it much better, and with a far more unique sound. I could keep writing about all seven of their songs, ‘Spacey Stacey’, ‘Jeffery’, ‘Circus Song’, and ‘Girl From Across The Sea’, but I think I will let you take your own journey with these guys. Each song is a new and unique present under the Xmas Tree called Reid Saw A Ghost.

Reid Saw A Ghost is made up of three kickass guys, Cole Berggeren-Guitar/Vocals, Alexsander Lefkort- Bass/Vocals, and Reid Riegelsberger- Drums/Vocals. These guys make Reid Saw Ghost a band to keep an eye on, with the talent oozing out of these young guys, and their loyal following that keeps growing, I can only assume it won’t be long before they work their way to big things.

These guys took some time, and I mean some serious time to answer some questions for BBB. In fact you will see below, they did so in a highly unusual way, which we at BBB absolutely love. Check out their interview below and hear the story about Reid’s ghost encounter, what they’re working on now, and which one of them drives little girls around in a van…







Twitter: @reidsawaghost




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