Badass Bands Blog Live from Scientist Sound Labs Episode 8 featuring The Sharp Medicine!!!

Episode 8 of ‘Badass Bands Blog Live’ is here! Scope out the aggressive, high energy badassery that is The Sharp Medicine! Watch/listen to see if their songs match the description of their music as, “Our songs are shorter and less anthemic than Springsteen, just as dirty as The Replacements and the Ramones, less British but sometimes as angry as The Clash, and all three of us probably weigh as much as Frank Black did at one point.” Pay attention to the interview clips in between tunes to find out when each of the boys started playing music and why their songs follow the Tom Waits philosophy that, “Songs should be about as big as a bagel.”

Thank you to the gents of The Sharp Medicine, Scientist Sound Labs, Black Tie Studios and Riot at the Zoo Media!



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