Badass Band The Shakers + Shapeshifter Circus = A crazy, unique rock n roll show!



Getting tired of the same ol’ kind of rock show? Well, Badass Band The Shakers cooked up quite the new concert experience for you. If you know The Shakers (Shame on you if you don’t!) you know that they put on an intense, high energy, radical show on their own. Recently though, they’ve teamed up with a team of aerialists to create the Shapeshifter experience, a rock show with aerial acrobatics. The best part is, The Shakers have not modified their tunes, you aren’t going to see them performing something totally out of their realm, its their album Rescue Team PLUS fucking radical aerial acrobatics being used to tell the story of a journey from darkness to light. HOW COOL IS THAT?! As much as I love many of the shows I go to, you cannot deny the need to see something new and exciting, and this definitely fits that bill. The show will currently run for 4 dates (MORE INFO BELOW): May 23, 24, 30 and 31, but the hopes of the whole team is that people dig on this experience so much that they get funded to extend the show’s run. I doubt that will be hard to do, LA needs more fusion of artistry and people pushing the boundaries of their mediums, this union does just that.

Recently, I had a short chat with the radical front woman of The Shakers, Jodie Schell, about the whole experience and how it came to be:

How did you get involved?’

Jordann Baker is the mastermind behind Shapeshifter, which was already hatching in her mind when she saw our full-throttle album release show for RESCUE TEAM at Troubadour in August.  Two months later, she invited Chris Lee and I over to her home, sat us down, and handed us the show proposal packet.  As we opened the first page, she clicked *play* on our RESCUE TEAM cd and took us through the entire show; track-by-track, character by character.   Everything had been mapped out, and it was breathtaking.

So this is all Shakers music, and they created the routine to match?

Exactly.  Jordann wanted a live band to emphasize the adrenaline rush she intended for Shapeshifter’s acrobatic feats.  Now, it IS an ethereal and mystical show, but it’s also a very human story.  Four souls have their own crosses-to-bare as well as a villain (Kali) to battle in order to be transformed into something better (uniting with the Lightbearer).  I think that’s why the story matched so well with our album RESCUE TEAM.  Jordann found all the elements of struggle, menace, vulnerability, passion, and triumph in that album and just brought it to life!   I think together, (The Shakers and “the movers” which is our nickname for all the aerialists in this show), we can really hit home the notion that the best rescue team is inside yourself.

How long do you all hope to have this continue (beyond the 4 nights)?

I watched “the movers” top-secret rehearsal this weekend, and as I was sitting there with my head tilted back and my jaw on the floor, I thought to myself there is NO WAY anyone will be content to see this show once.  I think anyone who experiences this show will spread word so fast, and the demand for more will be overwhelming.  But we’re ready.  This is our baby, and the coolest thing we’ve ever had the chance to do!!!

What about a tour of this show? Would that be possible?

This Shapeshifter team raised over 10k to make this show happen, so I don’t think there’s anything we CAN’T do.  I’m crossing my fingers for a Movers & Shakers WORLD TOUR.

The Low Down:

Who: LA based aerialists including Jordann Baker  and The Shakers

What: A 360 Degree immersive performance where breathtaking Aerial Circus infiltrates the thrashing music of LA rock outfit, The Shakers.

Why:  To bring you a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen – employing professional artists who feed life and vitality into our Los Angeles Arts community.   This hybrid performance takes the audience on a thrill ride of Acrobatic Feats and Live Music – following several SOULS as they journey “From Darkness Into The Light” led by the high powered vocals of a SHAMAN – Shakers front-woman JODIE SCHELL.

Where:  Way 2 Much Entertainment Studio-1910 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

When: May 23, 24, 30, 31



IndieGoGo Campaign–2 (LAST DAY TO HELP VIA IGG!)



For those of you that didn’t make it out to see The Shakers’ Shapeshifter experience over the last couple of weekends, you really missed out on something special. I walked in thinking that I was going to see a show where The Shakers were going to be playing their tunes but the aerial acrobatics were going to be the star, this was not so. The band was truly part of the show and the balance of focus between art forms was perfect. I went in just knowing what I was told about it, and the experience was much more intimate than I expected, it was truly a 360 degree show, that kept you guessing what and where something would be happening next. I made sure to stand in the very back so I could take in everything at once, from the band, to the floating carousel, to the ribbon work, to dance numbers, as you can see in the photos below. The story from The Shakers’ Rescue Team was told beautifully through dance and acrobatics and I am sure that everyone that walked out of the show felt like they witnessed something very special. I don’t think I could write anything about this show will do it justice, the pictures speak much more powerfully, so take a look below. 

IMG_0842IMG_0844IMG_0846IMG_0847IMG_0848IMG_0854IMG_0858IMG_0859IMG_0861IMG_0865IMG_0875IMG_0877IMG_0878IMG_0880  IMG_0816IMG_0824IMG_0826IMG_0828IMG_0832


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