BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 4- Interview

Our final week with NES is here, and to be honest we’re a little bummed about it. However, that being said, we have eight minutes of interview goodness with these radical gents. Find out about hidden talents, who has a signed photo of Jimmy Buffett, what they would change about the music industry and more….

Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge!

Thank you to NES, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and Riot at the Zoo!

Behind the Scenes Photos:

fc32JpQ84Irwj4jYsFrQqkaRN4bbf66PZ2abKPrgvO8,mgG5MtpMibV3-lw-OwTseGTc3Emlod_3ZznEAcyre4s 2L_IaNjjPGxdZwjmhz3cGebsuWRBIZye3L63xHZFGKI,4-5zcoP_AxrDVSXRtLGWHl7J0wTfxAxMXSf7fbfPiEc VlQEj2qQ5jhddG33dIGoJ408XtGjEBTW7gl-ezLDV7o,E_hJQBy-HnSf3sbhsUX15pX6drj_je_QBza5dyNErjA

IMG_7528 IMG_7530


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