EXCLUSIVE! Listen to The Janks NEW single “Edge of Love”!!

The Janks-EoL Art

Hot damn! Badass Band The Janks allowed BBB to “leak” their new single “Edge of Love” a little early and I couldn’t be more stoked about it! If you don’t know already (First off, if you don’t know The Janks, you are failing at life right now), this is the first of 12 brand new singles from The Janksters to be released on the last Friday of each month in 2015, dubbed #JankyLastFridays.

Let me be up front about this track, it will break your heart, as so many of the best songs do. “Edge of Love” features Dylan on lead vocals, easing you into the inner turmoil after a fresh breakup. Then the chorus hits and Zack comes in for the signature power packed Janky harmonies. This is about the time your heart will be ripped from your chest and you will be screaming out along with them, “Don’t leave me here, standing on the edge of love”. And that’s just vocally, folks. Instrumentally, you can’t deny the perfect transitions of the rhythm section (Leon and Nate) from subtly supporting the reflective verses, to slamming home the chorus lines that I mentioned you would be screaming along with. Add heavy guitar tones combined with the sweet mandolin sounds, and you have yourself a phenomenal musical representation of confusion, pain and realization. The abrupt ending may just be my favorite part of this song, how better to end the journey than to leave your audience actually hanging?! Genius.

Enjoy the track and come see these guys play it live at The Bootleg in LA on February 19th. You won’t be sorry.


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